About us

Meet the Team

  • Hussain Hadi - Head of LexisNexis Middle East
  • Sarah Haddadi - Deputy Head of LexisNexis Middle East
  • Laura Baker - Client Relationship Manager
  • Deeba Sharafuddin - Customer Success Manager
  • Claire Melvin - Head of Editorial LexisNexis Middle East
  • Rula Deeb - Head of Translation, Sader Publishing
  • Erik Chiniara - Editor-in-Chief

Our office in Dubai Media City

What makes us different from others is our deep understanding to the history and the specificities of legal market in the Middle East. Following the lead of the great jurist Abderrazak Sanhouri, our challenge is to provide expertise in civil and common law including the principles of Islamic law, to produce a truly unique offer that bridges the gap between civil law and common law.