Compliance – Challenges & Opportunities for the Legal Profession

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UPC: 9781474310345
Product code: VB481201
Author(s): Guido De Clercq
Release date: December 2017
Language: English
Number of pages: 192
Publisher: LexisNexis SA, UIA

Compliance - Challenges and Opportunities for the Legal Profession serves as a useful reference for legal practitioners dealing with day-to-day compliance issues in the fields of corporate, commercial, banking & finance, and anti-trust law.

The UIA (International Association of Lawyers) selected the issue of compliance as one of the main themes of its 2016 Budapest Congress.

The conference explored the concept of compliance as well as the way in which compliance operates in the fight against corruption and in anti-trust and export controls. This book is a publication of the views expressed by the panellists and speakers at the 2016 Budapest Congress.

These views reflect the way in which legal practitioners in various jurisdictions are dealing with the compliance agenda.

This book is their testimony, based on their daily experience in the field. Topics include:

  • The emergence of internal control and compliance systems within companies;
  • The OECD perspective on compliance;
  • Compliance within companies as a mitigating factor;
  • Managing risk of fraud and misconduct;
  • Competition law compliance programmes;
  • US trade sanctions programmes, compliance, and penalties;
  • Compliance under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act;
  • Sapin II and the fight against corruption in France;
  • Tecent developments in the conduct of investigations;
  • Tools that may assist a company in compliance management.

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