Current Trends in Startups and Crowdfinancing

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UPC: 9781474309431
Product code: VB481101
Author(s): Thomas Kulnigg, Jakob Kisser
Release date: December 2017
Language: English
Number of pages: 134
Publisher: LexisNexis SA, UIA

Current Trends in Start-Ups and Crowdfinancing serves as a reference for corporate and commercial dealing with legal issues relating to establishing or financing a start-up in Europe or the United States.

Start-ups and crowdfinancing are an emerging trend and new development in today’s economy and legal industry, and a crucial vehicle in the supporting of young entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, governmental associations, and authorities around the globe. The nature of the start-up business is often disruptive, with a need to grow quickly. Economic and legal regulations have to adapt to these rapid developments, in particular legal regulation, which often lags behind.

In this book, legal practitioners from various jurisdictions cover legal topics and trends relevant to start-ups and crowdfinancing.

This book is an attempt to cover the most relevant legal topics relating to start-ups and crowdfinancing, and is intended to assist legal practitioners in developing a better understanding of the concerns relating to start-ups and crowdfinancing.

This book will be useful for any legal practitioner wishing to venture into the start-up and crowdfinancing world.

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