Drafting Effective International Contracts of Agency and Distributorship – a Practical Handbook

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UPC: 9782711031405
Product code: VB372601
Author(s): Horst Becker
Release date: October 2019
Language: English
Number of pages: 160
Publisher: LexisNexis SA, UIA

Selling its products or services is of key importance for every business. These sales and promotional activities often require the deployment of agents, distributors or other distribution intermediaries. At the international level, distribution regularly requires establishing contracts for international sales and contracts with distribution intermediaries in different countries. There are many issues to consider and pitfalls to avoid in drafting such contracts.

In this sixth book in the UIA-LexisNexis Publications Collection, legal practitioners share their expertise on drafting international contracts of commercial agency or distributorship, as well as contracts for other forms of distribution, in the European Union, North America, Australia and China.

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