Laws of the DIFC - Volume 2 Reissue

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UPC: 9781474322782
Product code: DIFCR2
Author(s): Multiple (see below)
Release date: January 2022
Language: English
Publisher: LexisNexis, the DIFC Academy

The Laws of the DIFC – Volume 2, is the second commentary in a series of four commentaries, commissioned by the DIFC on the laws in this jurisdiction.

Each book covers a number of specific laws on a provision by provision basis – explaining their origins and aims, similarities and differences to equivalent international legislation which has influenced these laws and the interpretation of the area in relevant DIFC and common law case law.

This is the second edition of Volume 2 – and has been updated to reflect changes in legislation and case law since the original edition was issued in 2017.

This volume covers the Contract Law, DIFC Law No. 6/2004 and the Implied Terms in Contracts and Unfair Terms Law, DIFC No. 6/2005 laws which have been discussed in new relevant cases since this Volume 2 was first issued.

In addition, it covers the Real Property Law and Data Protection Law, where the legislation has been replaced by DIFC Law No. 10/2018 and DIFC Law No. 5/2020 respectively, since our first edition.

It also covers changes to the Strata Law DIFC Law No. 5/2007 as a result of amendments brought in by DIFC Law No. 11/2018 and to the Trust Law which has been replaced and amended since our last edition.

More information equivalent legislation and relevant case law has also been added to the coverage of the final law in this Volume Electronic Transactions Law, DIFC Law No. 2/2017.


  • Contracts: Philip Punwar (Baker Botts)
  • Implied Terms in Contracts and Unfair Terms: Philip Punwar (Baker Botts)
  • Trusts: David Russell QC (Outer Temple Chambers)
  • Strata Title: Moustafa Said (King & Spalding)
  • Real Property: Alexis Waller (Clyde & Co)
  • Data Protection: Kiersten Lucas, Katie Hewson, Alison Llewellyn, Oliver Fraser, Emily Aryeetey (Stephenson Harwood)
  • Electronic Transactions Law: Philip Punwar (Baker Botts)
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