Laws of the DIFC - Volume 3 Reissue

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UPC: 9781474322799
Product code: DIFCR3
Author(s): Multiple (see below)
Release date: January 2022
Language: English
Publisher: LexisNexis, DIFC Academy

The Laws of the DIFC – Volume 3, is the third commentary in a series of four commentaries, commissioned by the DIFC on the laws in this jurisdiction.

Each book covers a number of specific laws on a provision by provision basis – explaining their origins and aims, similarities and differences to equivalent international legislation which has influenced these laws and the interpretation of the area in relevant DIFC and common law case law.

This is the second edition of Volume 3 and contains coverage of two new laws: the DIFC Limited Partnership Law and DIFC General Partnership Law, as well as an update on the DIFC Limited Liability Partnership Law.

Since the last edition, the DIFC Operating Law, which is covered in the Laws of the DIFC, Volume 4, has been issued, bringing with it significant changes to the Partnership laws, and other laws such as the Foundations Law, Common Reporting Standard Law and Non-Profit Incorporated Organisations Law. These changes have been included along with details of recent case law which has impacted the legal position in these areas.

In addition, this volume also covers two laws – the law relating to the Application of DIFC Laws and the Law on Application of Civil and Commercial Laws in the DIFC, which are vital to understand jurisdictional and conflict of law rules operating in this jurisdiction.


  • Foundations: David Russell QC (Outer Temple Chambers)
  • Limited Liability Partnership: David Russell QC (Outer Temple Chambers)
  • Laws Relating to Application of DIFC Laws: Tom Montagu-Smith, Matthew Watson (3 Veralum Buildings)
  • Limited Partnership Law: Andrew Maguire (Littleton Chambers)
  • General Partnership Law: Andrew Maguire (Littleton Chambers)
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