Laws of the DIFC - Volume 4

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UPC: 9781474320023
Author(s): Multiple (see below)
Release date: December 2020
Language: English
Publisher: LexisNexis, DIFC Academy

About the Laws of the DIFC Series

In 2016 as part of a project initiated by the then DIFC Chief Justice, Michael Hwang the Laws of the DIFC series was launched to provide a narrative statement of the Laws of the DIFC on a subject by subject basis in a similar way to the famous Halsbury’s Laws of England.

The series is designed to ensure those familiar with other common law jurisdictions but not the DIFC can quickly established where they can rely on their existing understanding of common law and where the position is different and those who regularly work in the DIFC have easy access to the latest legal position.

Four volumes have been issued so far. These books provide:

  • A background and explanation as to why each law was issued;
  • Information on the specific international laws which inspired the law with the differences and similarities between those laws highlighted;
  • Information on cross overs with other DIFC Laws and the impact of relevant regulations (which are provided in the appendices);
  • Provision by provision analysis including details of relevant DIFC and Common law cases;
  • Clarifications on the meaning of the provisions;
  • Useful further reading for particular provisions including relevant Halsbury’s references;
  • The author’s experience of how the provisions of DIFC Laws operate in practice.

About Laws of the DIFC Volume 4

Following the same format as previous volumes in the series, this volume provides provision by provision analysis and explanations, an introduction to the laws more generally, differences and similaries to the laws they were inspired by, details of relevant case law and useful further reading.

The Volume 4 includes coverage of the Operating Law (which should be read in conjunction with the Companies Law in Volume 1), the new Leasing Law, the new Intellectual Property Law, Netting Law and Security Law.


  • Operating Law: David Russell (QC Outer Temple Chambers); Andrew Maguire (Littleton Chambers)
  • Leasing: Alexis Waller, Sarit Thomas (Clyde & Co)
  • Intellectual Property: Omar Obeidat, Rasha Al Ardah (Al Tamimi & Company)
  • Insolvency: Peter Manning (Simmons & Simmons); Dustin Apel, Philip Punwar (Baker Botts)
  • Netting: Habib Motani (Clifford Chance)
  • Security: Mark Brown, Arina Gidwani, Amardeep Shoker (Al Tamimi & Company)
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