MENA Business Law Review (2020 - 4 issues)

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Language: English, Arabic, French
Number of pages: 80 per issue
Publisher: LexisNexis SA
The MENA Business Law Review is the indispensable LexisNexis quarterly journal, dedicated to business law in the Middle East & North Africa zone.
Each issue contains a full overview of the latest legal developments in the region, as well as a wide range of authoritative articles.
In its six years of existence, the MENA Business Law Review has published more than 200 articles, covering a spectrum of current topics.

Authored by experts from across the region, the MENA Business Law Review is under the scientific direction of 15 legal professionals that include lawyers, professors, arbitrators, and notaries.

Regular sections:

  • Interview of a key legal figure from the MENA legal community
  • Legal round-up of the latest developments by country
  • Features: in-depth analysis of key topics relating to business law in the region
  • History: a bit of Arab legal history through a historical figure, fact or legal issue
  • Rule of Law: The most significant initiatives for the advancement of the Rule of Law across the region
  • University: focus on the latest innovative teaching methods, research and profiles in the Arab academic and legal world.
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