Natural Resources Exploitation: Business and Human Rights

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UPC: 9782711030620
Product code: VB379501
Author(s): Xavier Favre-Bulle
Release date: October 2018
Language: English
Number of pages: 116
Publisher: LexisNexis SA, UIA

Natural Resources Exploitation: Business and Human Rights serves as a reference for legal practitioners in the fields of project development and finance, energy and natural resources, and environmental. It may also provide insight to academics interested in the direction that human rights and environmental law is taking in the area of natural resources exploitation.

Can natural resources exploitation continue as a no-limit business? If measures have to be taken, what are they? Are compromises possible or should certain activities simply be stopped or dramatically reduced, with the economic consequences that we can imagine, including for employees?

Distinguished speakers of diverse backgrounds examined these issues during the Main Theme Session on “Natural Resources Exploitation: Business and Human Rights”, held on 28 October 2017 during the UIA’s 61st Congress in Toronto.

This book contains the speakers’ written contributions to the Congress, as well as contributions of other experts in the field, and examines the legal issues arising from the exploitation of natural resources on a legislative, administrative and contractual level, in addition to focusing on compliance mechanisms, dispute resolution and other mechanisms for redress.

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