Qatar Corporate Law

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UPC: 9781474307321
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Author(s): Yassin al Shazly
Release date: January 2017
Language: Arabic
Publisher: LexisNexis

By 2030, Qatar is aiming not only be an oil-based economy but as well a knowledge-based economy, guaranteeing a stable and sustainable business environment in order to assure the flow of investment. For this end, the State of Qatar introduced a package of legislative texts to boost the economy and make the business climate more attractive for national as well as foreign investments. As a result, a new corporate law was promulgated in 2015 including many measures to facilitate the procedures to establish companies and mating the liquidity in the market. The same trend was also witnessed in other GCC countries, like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, where new corporate laws were published in 2015. Kuwait has also promulgated a new corporate law in 2016.

In this context, there is a need to analyze the different legal provisions of the new Qatari corporate law. This book offers a comprehensive view about all the amendments adopted by the Qatari corporate law of 2015. It illustrates the different conditions required to establish a company, the various types of commercial companies available in the Qatari legal system showing the particularity of the legal regime of each one, especially the conditions and procedures of establishment, as well as the directors liability. The book is supported with the decisions of Qatar Supreme Court and includes self-assessment questions and problem based cases in order serving as a complete guide for practitioners, academics, researchers, corporate counsels and investors.

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