The UAE Legal Guide

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UPC: 9781474310260
Product code: ILHUAE
Author(s): Jasamin Fichte, Ravi Jawani, Walid Batisha, Moaz Forawi, Shehab Mamdouh
Release date: November 2017
Language: English
Publisher: LexisNexis, Fichte & Co.

From time to time, lawyers, investors and CEOs are given responsibility for operations in jurisdictions they are unfamiliar with. Whether they have recently joined a company with interests in a new jurisdiction, are now overseeing an unfamiliar region or have recently gained clients with interests in such a location, the aim is the same: to quickly learn about the key differences between that new legal system and the system with which they are more familiar.

This book aims to provide an overview of the UAE's legal system, key UAE laws, and a guide to the UAE court system. It is aimed at lawyers practicing or planning to practice in the UAE, and at investors and CEOs who need a basic understanding of the legal system there. It also provides practical tips from seasoned lawyers and litigators on the best approach when practicing in the UAE.

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