Women in Law in the Arab World

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UPC: 9781474324748
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Author(s): LexisNexis
Release date: July 2022
Language: English
Number of pages: 84
Publisher: LexisNexis

In the Arab world, the increase in the number of women in the legal profession has accelerated in the past few years. In fact in ten years, the number has increased by more than 50%.

Signs of a remarkable evolution, this mass entry of women into the legal world also raises questions. Lawyers, counsellors, judges... who are these women who, each in their own way, are working to improve the delivery of justice?

From the UAE to Morocco, through Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Tunisia, in their portraits and testimonies, the women in this book reveal justice that is living, vibrant, and painfully human. They are women who do not hesitate to speak up and freely express their feelings and the vision they have for their profession and of their own power.

These are remarkable women whose impassioned testimonies bear witness to the justice system in which they work, and reveal them as they are.

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