UAE: Third Generation of UAE Passport and Advanced Visa System Trial Launched

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UAE: Third Generation of UAE Passport and Advanced Visa System Trial Launched

The UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security has announced it has launched the third generation of the UAE Passport and a trial of the new Advanced Visa System. The changes will come into force on 3 October 2022.

The new system offers multiple facilities, including a renewable five-year Green Residence visa.

There are three types of Green Visas. They are green residency for skilled workers, green residency for the self-employed and green residency for investors or partners in a commercial activity. This last category will not require a guarantor and will be valid for five years. It may be renewed and will replace the investor’s previous residency of two years.

A new Jobseeker Visa will also be introduced. Holders of this visa will be able to come to the UAE without having a sponsor or host to explore work, investment and business opportunities.

It also offers new benefits for Golden Visa holders. These benefits include the ongoing validity of the visa regardless of how much time the holder spends outside the UAE and removing the limit on the number of sponsored domestic labourers. Family members will also be able to stay in the country during the visa’s validity period, even after the holder dies.

The new generation of services has been developed in line with the highest security and technology standards to facilitate customer procedures and accelerate the UAE’s economic and sustainable development drive.

The visa will allow salaried people, self-employed individuals and investors or company partners to have a visa without a sponsor for up to five years. Holders of this visa will also be able to sponsor first-degree relatives.

Additional reporting from Gulf News (United Arab Emirates) on 5 September 2022.

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