Kuwait: Part-Time Work Permits for Expatriates Launched

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Kuwait: Part-Time Work Permits for Expatriates Launched

Arabian Business, 1 February 2024: Kuwait’s Public Authority for Manpower has announced it has launched a part-time work permit for expatriates.

The permit has been launched to help employers use expatriates already working in the country without having to carry out additional recruitment.

The permits will be issued via the Authority’s Sahel application.

The fees for the new work permit will be five Dinars for one month, 10 Dinars for three months, 20 Dinars for six months and 30 Dinars for a year.

Kuwaiti citizens will not have to pay these fees and can carry out unlimited part-time work. The expatriate applying for a part-time work permit will be able to work for a maximum of four hours a day.

Permission must also be given by the individual’s primary employer. The rules do not apply to employees in the contracting sector.

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Tanya Jain