Sharjah: New Property Laws Proposed

Sharjah: Regulations for Renting Holiday Homes Issued News developments

Sharjah: New Property Laws Proposed

Arabian Business, 13 February 2024: Sharjah’s Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler have announced new property laws have been proposed.

The new laws have been proposed as a property boom is being seen in the Emirate.

The laws were formally presented to the Executive Council today.

The Council has approved the proposed laws which relate to the leasing of real estate and the establishment of a Rental Disputes Centre in the Emirate.

The draft laws will now be sent to the Consultative Council to consider.

The leasing of real estate law is aimed at regulating the rental market in the Emirate and developing the legal framework in line with urban development and real estate sector demand.

It is also aimed at streamlining government procedures, protecting the rights of all parties and making procedures easier for landlords and tenants alike.

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Tanya Jain