Abu Dhabi: Air Quality Law Issued

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Abu Dhabi: Air Quality Law Issued

Aletihad, 10 May 2024: The Abu Dhabi Decision No. 2/2024 on the air quality system in there has been issued.

The law aims to preserve the environment, enhance ambient air quality, minimize air pollutants from fixed and mobile sources, and regulate noise levels.

This law will apply to all projects and companies operating in the country which will require an environmental license from the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi to safeguard air quality.

The Authority will develop executive decisions, practice manuals, and guidelines to implement these provisions, and issue them as supplementary documents.

It will also monitor and assess air quality through environmental monitoring , and ensure air pollutants remain within approved maximum limits.

In addition, the Authority will supervise environmental monitoring across the country, and with relevant authorities to identify monitoring locations and necessary ambient air pollutant measurements. for the full story, click here.

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Tanya Jain