Egypt: Maternity Leave Provisions Announced for Female Government Employees

Egypt: Maternity Leave Provisions Announced for Female Government Employees News developments

Egypt: Maternity Leave Provisions Announced for Female Government Employees

Egypt Today, 19 August 2021: The Egyptian authorities have announced the maternity leave provisions in the draft labour law.

It has been submitted to the House of Representatives.

All of the law’s provisions will be applied to women who are working without discrimination.

A woman will be entitled to paid maternity leave for four months. They may start taking the leave before they give birth and it must start to be taken within 45 days of them giving birth.

They will only be entitled to this leave twice during their professional career.

Women who are on maternity leave will not be able to be dismissed or have their employment terminated.

Women who return to work will be entitled to a nursing hour. They may take this in one instalment or two instalments in a day. This hour should be deducted from their working hours and no deductions for this should be taken from their pay.

A woman who works in a facility which employs more than 25 workers should be given unpaid leave for up to two years to care for their child. They may not take this leave more than three times throughout their career.

A woman may terminate the employment contract because of marriage, pregnancy, or childbirth, provided they inform their employers in writing three months ahead of the date of marriage, pregnancy, or delivery.

An employer who hires women must hang a copy of the women’s employment system in the workplace.

Employers who recruit more than 100 women, must establish a nursery or outsource a nursery to care for children of female employees under the terms and conditions determined by the relevant Minister.

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