Abu Dhabi: New Code of Practice for Marina Operations Launched

Abu Dhabi: New Code of Practice for Marina Operations Launched News developments

Abu Dhabi: New Code of Practice for Marina Operations Launched

Abu Dhabi’s Municipalities and Transport Department has announced it has launched a new Code of Practice for those practising commercial marina activities in the Emirate.

It includes the key health and safety considerations they have to meet.

It has been issued in line with international standards and together with Abu Dhabi Maritime.

They support more comprehensive safety and security regulatory reform and the compulsory attestation of marina berth leasing contracts.

Abu Dhabi Maritime will oversee the organisation of marinas referred to in the Code of Practice. They will also address the management of several aspects of their business operations, including a set of rules and conditions which their stakeholders must adhere to.

Safety and Environment, Emergencies, Communications, Marina Inspection, and Maintenance and Security are covered among other things.

They also include agreed emergency responses and business continuity plans to safeguard businesses against potential risks and hazards and ways to enable a speedy resumption of operations following an emergency.

Marina Berth Leasing Contracts by the Department will now have to be mandatory no more than six months or at the time of the next contract renewal, whichever comes first.

It will provide boat owners and marinas with standardised terms and conditions and eliminate disputes and issues between parties. The new attestation service will be available online and follow the same principles as the Abu Dhabi Tenancy Law.

To ensure compliance with the Code of Practice, Abu Dhabi Maritime will carry out safety and security audits and license commercial marinas.

Also reported in Alroeya on 13 October 2021. For full story, click here.

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