UAE: Personal Data Protection Law Approved

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UAE: Personal Data Protection Law Approved

The UAE’s President has approved a Personal Data Protection Law. It will apply to the processing of personal data, whether in whole or partially in electronic systems, inside or outside the country.

It bans the processing of personal data without the consent of its owner.

There are some exceptions where the processing is required to protect the public interest, where the processing is related to personal data which has become available and known to all by an act of the data owner, or where the processing is necessary to carry out any of the legal procedures and rights.

It also defines the controls for the processing of personal data and the general obligations of companies with personal data. They also have to secure personal data and ensure it stays confidential and private.

Finally, it defines the circumstances in which the owner has the right to request inaccurate personal data be corrected and its processing be restricted or stopped. It also sets out the requirements for cross-border transfers and sharing personal data for processing purposes.

A Decision establishing a UAE Data Office has also been issued. Under Decision No. 44/2021, the Office will be affiliated to the Cabinet.

It will be responsible for proposing and preparing policies and legislations related to data protection as well as proposing and approving the standards for monitoring the application of Federal legislation regulating data protection.

In addition, it will be responsible for preparing and approving systems for complaints and grievances and issuing the necessary guidelines and instructions to implement data protection legislation in the country.

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