Saudi Arabia: Anti-bribery Law Amended

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Saudi Arabia: Anti-bribery Law Amended

Saudi Gazette, 7 December 2021: The Saudi Arabian authorities have approved amendments to the Kingdom’s Anti-bribery Law.

The first amendment sees the phrase every public employee replaced with every person.

Article 8(7) has been amended to read ‘Foreign public officials and employees of international institutions and organisations in connection with the conduct of international business’.

Finally, Article 15 has been amended to read ‘Judgment shall be issued in the case of a person, who has been proven guilty of the crime of bribery, to confiscate the money, advantage or benefit that involved in the crime whenever possible, or confiscate its value, as the case may be, and confiscate any proceeds from the money or advantage or benefit’.

The amendments were approved following a letter from the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority or Nazaha on proposed amendments to the Law. Also reported in Okaz on 7 December 2021. For full story, click here.

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Benjamin Filaferro