Dubai: New Law on Rights of People With Disabilities

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Dubai: New Law on Rights of People With Disabilities

Alroeya, 10 January 2022: The Dubai Ruler, has issued Dubai Law No. 3/2022 on the rights of people with disability in the emirate of Dubai.

HRH Hamdan Bin Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has also issued Dubai Decision 1/2022 of the Executive Council promulgating the executive regulation of this law.

The aim of the law is to make sure that practices in Dubai are aligned with the international best practices, especially in relation to rights provided for by the international agreement to those with a disability.

The law will seek to include the opinions of disabled people when policies and legislation that may affect their quality of life are being drafted.

Disabled people are entitled to inclusive education, and job opportunities in all sectors, as well as access to rehabilitation, health care and social services.

They are also entitled to all services such as worship, the police and legal services, and relevant entities should provide them with the ability to access data and information through various platforms and inform them about their legal rights.

The new law seeks to ensure disabled people have access to banking services and opportunities to participate in various sports and entertainments.

A new committee, called the Higher Committee to Protect the Rights of People of Determination, will be created and will include representatives from relevant bodies and those representing disabled people.

The committee will oversee all affairs concerning disabled people in Dubai, and implement policies, plans and initiatives to protect their rights.

It will also propose legislation which aims to protecting the rights of people with disabilities and integrating them into society.

The Community Development Authority in Dubai will issue ID cards for people with disabilities registered in the Emirate which will help them access facilities and services allocated to them.

The new law replaces Dubai Law No. 2/2012 on the Protection of the Rights of People with Disabilities in Dubai and will be effective from the date of its publication in the official gazette.

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