Qatar: Business Map Portal Launched

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Qatar: Business Map Portal Launched

The Peninsula, 25 March 2022: Qatar’s Commerce and Industry Ministry has announced it has launched the Qatar Business Map portal.

It is available on the Ministry’s website.

It has been launched in line with Qatar Law No. 1/2020 (the Unified Economic Register Law).

It aims to support the transparency of economic and financial transactions by compiling basic information, data  and documents for economic establishments, legal arrangements and non-profit organisations and freelancers.

It also aims to make them available to the public and stakeholders in line with Financial Action Task Force requirements.

The portal provides a comprehensive database for users, allowing them to view the investment advantages of Qatar’s various regions through a search service for commercial establishments per region and for various commercial activities.

A QR code will be included on the documents issued via the Ministry’s Single Window platform in order to assist the relevant authorities in viewing the commercial registration data and verifying    their validity and accuracy. It is a database for entrepreneurs and investors to facilitate their access to target customers. It aims to help users select the ideal location to establish a business and choose a lucrative business activity. It also helps identify the location of potential competitors.

It helps find residential areas for entrepreneurs and investors to establish their commercial activities as well as analysing the location to understand the target customer base and measure the feasibility of the commercial project in a specific area.

It is aimed at assisting the relevant authorities by reducing the levels of misleading data submitted to the relevant authorities by some companies. This will help ensure the validity and accuracy of  commercial registration data and release commercial companies from having to use the  company’s  seal to stamp the requests submitted to the relevant entities to obtain their services.

It also aims to help them by exempting the relevant companies from obtaining the seal and manual  signature of the relevant administrative units at the Commerce and Industry Ministry to ensure accuracy and validity of data of the commercial registers where they refer back to the relevant authorities and enable the relevant authorities to confirm the accuracy of documents by scanning the QR code on the official documents issued by the Ministry.

It also provides statistics on the number of commercial licenses registered in each municipality, new and signed-off commercial licenses and the latest commercial establishments registered in Qatar.

It can be accessed via Also reported in Al-Sharq on 24 March 2022. For full story, click here.

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