UAE: Annual Emiratisation Rate Increased

UAE: Annual Emiratisation Rate Increased News developments

UAE: Annual Emiratisation Rate Increased

The UAE’s Cabinet has approved a Decision to increase the annual Emiratisation rate in the private sector.

The increase will have to be applied to high-skilled jobs in companies which employ 50 or more people.

It is hoped the amendment will create 12,000 employment opportunities for Emiratis.

Companies who do not comply will have to pay 6,000 AED annually from January next year for every citizen who has not been employed.

The figure will increase to 10% by 2026.

The Decision was one of several resolutions and incentives approved by the Cabinet to improve the participation of Emiratis in the private sector.

They were approved as part of the NAFIS Programme. This is a federal programme which aims to increase the competitiveness of the Emirati workforce and facilitate UAE citizens being employed in the private sector.

They also approved a reduction in Human Resources and Emiratisation Ministry service fees by 80% for private sector entities, who achieve major recruitment and training of Emirati citizens goals.

It offers various benefits including the Emirati Salary Support Scheme which offers UAE citizens a one-year salary support of up to 8,000 AED a month during training and monthly support of up to 5,000 AED for up to five years for university graduates.

It also provides UAE citizens who specialise in specific fields like coders, nurses and accountants with a top-up on their existing salaries.

In addition, it offers a subsidised five-year Government-paid contribution on the company’s behalf against the cost of pension plans for Emirati employees and full support for the Emirati’s contribution across the first five years of their employment.

It offers Private Sector Child Allowance Scheme as well. The scheme consists of a monthly grant made to Emirati staff working in the private sector of up to 800 AED per child up to a maximum of 3,200 AED a month.

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