Bahrain: Penal Code Amendment Approved

Bahrain: Penal Code Amendment Approved News developments

Bahrain: Penal Code Amendment Approved

Alayam, 15 May 2022: Bahrain’s King has ratified and promulgated Bahrain Law No. 18/2022 amending Article 231 of Bahrain Decree-Law No. 15/1976 (the Penal Code).

Under Article 1, Article 231 will be amended to read:

‘Anyone, while practicing a medical or health profession, examines a dead person or provides first aid to a severely injured person and finds signs indicating that his death or injury is a felony or misdemeanour, or other circumstances exist that call for suspicion of its cause, and he does not inform the public authority of that, will be liable to imprisonment and a fine or to one of these two penalties.’

The Prime Minister and the relevant ministers will be responsible for implementing it. It will be published in the Official Gazette and come into force the day after it is published. For full story, click here.

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