Kuwait: Foreigners Residency Law Amendments to be voted on

Kuwait: Foreigners Residency Law Amendments to be voted on News developments

Kuwait: Foreigners Residency Law Amendments to be voted on

Arabian Business, 27 May 2022: Kuwait’s Parliament is going to vote on Foreigners Residency Law amendments.

Those who own real estate in Kuwait could be offered 10-year visas, if the proposed changes are approved.

Expatriates and foreign investors in the country could also soon be granted long-term residency visas in the country.

The maximum residency period for expatriates working in the country could be increased to five years. Once the residency period expires, they will either have to leave the country or renew their residency application.

The residency visa for foreign investors is likely to be extended to 15 years.

Children whose mother is a Kuwaiti national and is married to a non-Kuwaiti could also be offered the 10-year visa.

The duration of the family visit visa is likely to be increased from three months to a year also.

Those who overstay residency permits and visit visas will be fined four instead of two Dinars a day.

Sponsors or employers would have to pay the costs of deporting expatriate workers.

Finally, the Interior Ministry will continue to be responsible for deporting expatriate workers for the public good, to maintain national security and for moral reasons.

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Benjamin Filaferro