Abu Dhabi: Holiday Home Operators Must be Licenced

Abu Dhabi: Holiday Home Operators Must be Licenced News developments

Abu Dhabi: Holiday Home Operators Must be Licenced

Abu Dhabi’s Culture and Tourism Department has reminded holiday home operators in the Emirate.

They must register their properties in the Department’s online system before the final deadline of 1 August.

They must comply with regulations established to manage holiday homes in the local community safely.

Individuals interested in renting a holiday home should follow a simple online application procedure.

This includes providing several documents, including a Licence application form, a photocopy of the passport or Emirates ID of the owner, the unit’s certificate of insurance, the unit’s deed, and any additional documentation requested by the Department.

The Emirate’s requirements for operating holiday home rentals came into force last year following an Executive Council Decision.

They aim to ensure private accommodation operators maintain a standard of excellence while providing a wide variety of safe and secure options. The system also aims to support the increased demand for alternatives to established hotels and hotel apartments.

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Benjamin Filaferro