Kuwait: Private Pharmacies Regulations Amended

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Kuwait: Private Pharmacies Regulations Amended

Alanba, 17 August 2022: Kuwait’s Minister of Health has issued two Decisions to control and correct the work of private pharmacies.

Under the first decision, Article 18 of Kuwait Ministerial Decision No. 395/1997 issuing the Implementing Regulations to Kuwait Law No. 28/1996 has been amended.

Under the amendment, the pharmacy management will be limited to Kuwaiti pharmacists who are licensed to practice the profession and are granted a licence to open a pharmacy.

Pharmacies will be given three months to comply.

Under the second Decision, consideration of applications for granting licences to new pharmacies in the private sector and the request to grant a licence to practice the profession of pharmacy to non-Kuwaitis will be suspended until the completion of a relevant study.

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Benjamin Filaferro