Oman: New Law to Combat Climate Change

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Oman: New Law to Combat Climate Change

Oman Observer, 29 August 2022: Oman is currently updating their climate affairs regulations to keep up with local and international developments.

The aim is that the regulations will monitor the performance of companies and institutions tasked with climate areas, who will be expected to either moderate or change their activities to adapt to climate change. A new climate change law will serve as a regulatory code for drafting general climate change provisions covering all Oman sectors.

Preliminary steps include drafting a national strategy to alleviate and adapt to climate change.

A database has also been set up to collate information on emissions and track progress toward reducing emissions by seven per cent by 2030. There is also a database collecting information on projects to adapt to climate change in Oman and another on greenhouse gases in primary sectors.

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Benjamin Filaferro