The latest edition of the Lexis® Middle East – HR Alert is out now!

The latest edition of the Lexis® Middle East – HR Alert is out now! News developments

The latest edition of the Lexis® Middle East – HR Alert is out now!

We are pleased to share the latest edition of our HR magazine, the Lexis® Middle East – HR Alert!

The HR Alert is a complimentary magazine that updates the latest labour and employment law developments and cases and advises on region-specific HR policies and templates.

It also includes interviews with leading regional HR professionals and guidance on the latest industry trends.

In this edition:

When I’m Sixty-Four: New Pensions Legislation in Qatar

On 3 January 2023, Qatar Law No. 1/2022 will introduce changes to the pension rights of all working Qatari nationals. Emma Higham of Clyde & Co explains their current understanding of the impact this will have on employers and employees

Quiet Quitting: Has this global trend reached the UAE?

Quiet quitting occurs when an employee decides that they will undertake the bare minimum to carry out their duties. Thenji Moyo and Naba Noor of Gateley UK LLP (DMCC Branch) talk about this trend in the UAE and positive ways to tackle it.

Immigration Focus: Recent GCC Immigration and Visa Changes

The dynamic team at Vialto Partners share the latest immigration and visa changes in the region, including the latest developments relating to the UAE Job Exploration Visas. From 3 October 2022, a new type of visa has allowed job seekers to enter or remain in the UAE without needing a sponsoring employer. It allows individuals to come to the UAE to look for work or investment and business opportunities without a sponsoring host.

Law Changes: Employee Share Schemes and Remuneration Developments in Saudi Arabia

The new Saudi Companies Law, which comes into effect in January 2023, brings with it changes to employee share schemes and directors’ remuneration as Richard Bell and Faisal Alassiri of Clyde & Co explain.

In an Ever-Changing World

Madelein du Plessis, HR and Finance Officer at RELX PLC in Dubai, explains the approach she has taken to support an ever-expanding team in a continually changing regulatory environment.

On the other hand, Raka Roy of Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants explains how leave entitlements have changed under the new UAE Labour Law.

Equality Policies

Sarah Malik of SOL International Ltd shares pointers for employers on how they can ensure their equality policies cover all types of discrimination, bullying, harassment, assault, and any verbal, physical, or psychological harm to an employee in the workplace in order to be compliant with Federal Decree-Law No 33/2021 On the Regulation of Labour Relations.

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