Abu Dhabi: ADGM Publishes Guiding Principles on Whistleblowing

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Abu Dhabi: ADGM Publishes Guiding Principles on Whistleblowing

6 December 2022: Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has published its Guiding Principles on Whistleblowing, covering critical aspects of a robust whistleblowing framework, including transparency, accountability and market integrity. 

The principles complement ADGM’s existing regulatory frameworks and encompass six key aspects: encouraging a broad definition of whistleblowing to be used; ensuring that whistleblowers are given adequate opportunities to speak up and are fairly treated when they do so; restricting access to whistleblowing reports and following due process in managing them; focusing the protections of any whistleblowing framework to honestly held beliefs reported in good faith; including appropriate resources to support it, which will vary depending on the nature of the relevant entity’s business; supporting a whistleblowing program with an organisational culture of trust and transparency.

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Benjamin Filaferro