UAE: Controls for Annual Leave Entitlement Announced

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UAE: Controls for Annual Leave Entitlement Announced

Emaratalyoum, 14 July 2023: The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has confirmed employees appointed in any of the ministries or government agencies, working full-time, are entitled to an annual leave with a total salary, which amounts to approximately 30 working days or 22 days, depending on their grade.

If it is necessary for the employee’s work interests, the head of the federal entity may summon them back from their annual leave.

In such cases, the remaining days of leave will be transferred to the employee following the approved procedures. Federal Decree-Law No. 11/2008 on the Human Resources in the Federal Government.

These include instances where the employee is on study leave or an educational assignment during the requested year of leave, as well as periods of absence from work without salary. Additionally, an employee cannot request annual leave for the duration they spend in prison as a result of a judicial ruling (unless termination of service is decided), and finally, during the probationary period, if the employee’s service ends for any reason.

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