Kuwait: Progress of Iqama Draft Law

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Kuwait: Progress of Iqama Draft Law

Kuwait Times, 22 July 2023: The Revised iqama draft law (which covers residence) is to be sent to the Cabinet.

The law which regulates the residence of foreigners in Kuwait is expected to be voted on by the parliament in the next session. The bill underwent a radical revision in the past weeks of most of its articles, with the aim of putting an end to iqama trading.

It is expected the law will be ready for adoption by the Cabinet during the current summer session, and be referred to the National Assembly before the start of the next session at the end of October, According to the new proposal, an expatriate would be granted a residence permit not exceeding five years. Investors would be given a residence permit of up to 15 years, depending on their activity. Fees would be imposed so that Kuwait can benefit from these investments.

Other proposals also include giving 10-year residence permits to children of Kuwaiti women. Residency permits would e given to a person who owned property in Kuwait, provided they were not absent from Kuwait for a period of more than six months, with the exception of children of Kuwaiti women. Domestic workers would only be allowed to travel outside Kuwait for four months.

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