Kuwait: Allowances for Microentrepreneurs and Freelancers Approved

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Kuwait: Allowances for Microentrepreneurs and Freelancers Approved

Kuwait Times, 14 August 2023: Kuwait’s Cabinet has approved allowances for microentrepreneurs and freelancers. They will be paid labour support allowances monthly.

The allowance is similar to the pay citizens in the private sector receive. The aim is to support young Kuwaitis and improve the local business environment.

The Cabinet has affected this change by an amendment to Kuwait Decision No. 391/2001.

The amendment states: “Owners of licenses for micro-entrepreneurs and activities of a special nature determined by the Minister of Commerce and Industry.”

In this situation, in addition to the conditions specified in Article 5 of Kuwait Decision No. 391/2001, the Commerce and Industry Ministry must submit periodic reports to the Public Authority for Manpower on the regularity of the beneficiaries of the provisions of this Decision in practicing the activities they are licensed for.

Additional reporting from Alqabas on 14 August 2023. For the full story, click here.

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