Saudi Arabia: Companies Must Disclose Training Information

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Saudi Arabia: Companies Must Disclose Training Information

Arab News, 19 August 2023: Saudi Arabia’s Human Resources and Social Development Minister has issued a Decision requiring companies with more than 50 employees to disclose their training information.

This information will have to include hours and trainee counts, training plans, activity reports, trainee numbers and budget allocation for the next year.

The information will help the Ministry assess training indicators in the job market and work with the private sector to improve training programmes for employees. The Decision has been issued to improve training in private sector companies as well as improve workforce capabilities and promote development and growth opportunities.

In addition, it aims to improve performance and productivity and support the national programme to incentivise private sector training for job market readiness.

Also reported in Albilad Daily on 19 August 2023. Read the full story here.

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Tanya Jain