Saudi Arabia: Implementing Regulations to Audio-Visual Law Amended

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Saudi Arabia: Implementing Regulations to Audio-Visual Law Amended

Okaz, 15 August 2023: Amendments to the Implementing Regulations to the Audio-Visual Law have been approved. The amendments confirm the prohibition of displaying content that encourages, promotes or leads to violence, intimidation, witchcraft or sorcery.

The amendments urge adherence to the principles of objectivity, honesty, accuracy, confidentiality of information and fairness in dealing with various topics.

It also urges professional standards and practices related to the media in broadcasting news, services, and advertisements to be complied with.

The amendments state the content must not violate the Kingdom’s principles and must not call for violence, or glorify groups with destructive political, ethnic, economic, financial, ideological or social tendencies.

It must not violate the rights of women or children and not prejudice the dignity of people and their private lives or belittle or offend them either.

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