Lexis Middle East Law Alert: July – August 2023 Edition

Lexis Middle East Law Alert: July – August 2023 Edition News developments

Lexis Middle East Law Alert: July – August 2023 Edition

Presenting the latest July-August edition of our complimentary law magazine, the Lexis Middle East – Law Alert! Keep yourself informed about the most recent legal, financial, and fiscal advancements, as well as trending subjects in the MENA region.

In this issue, we delve into the reasons behind the necessary amendments to Saudi Arabia’s Civil Transactions Law and its potential implications. We also cover recent legal and tax updates, regulations, and much more. Stay in the loop with our comprehensive insights.

Feature: A More Civil Approach

Explore the Saudi Civil Transactions Law with an in-depth analysis by Professor Najib Hage-Chahine from Hage-Chahine Law Firm. Gain an understanding of how this new law influences relationships between individuals and their property rights.

Feature: From Ship to Shore

Dive into the new Oman Maritime Law, as explained by Abdullah Hassan Khan and Shehreyar Khan of MAR Law. Discover the significant changes it brings to the legal framework governing the maritime sector and disputes.

Profile: An Effective Approach to Litigation

Meet Judge Ahmed Bakry Abdalla Hassan Elsayed, the Head of the Commercial Circuit in the Abu Dhabi Commercial Court. Gain insights into his approach to successful litigation and the role he plays in the legal landscape.

Dispute Resolution Focus

Shireen Fazal, Partner at Al Aidarous, explains the critical importance of selecting the right dispute resolution method, particularly in construction disputes.

Movers & Shakers

Check out our latest round-up of the top movers and shakers from the world of legal appointments and promotions, brought to you by Jameson Legal. Who is been promoted, who is been appointed, and who is moving on?

Dispute Resolution Focus: Cases and Updates

Hashem AlAidarous, Partner at Al Aidarous, qualified in three jurisdictions, explains
the differences between dispute resolution in the UAE, the US, and Australia.

Contract Watch: Job Sharing Contracts

Explore contracts with Yulia Kasiyanova, Associate Partner at SCHLÜTER GRAF Legal Consultants, and gain a deep understanding of this legal aspect.

Law Monitor

Delve into the Kuwaiti Law on Issuing Instructions for Electronic Payment of Funds, staying informed about the evolving legal landscape.

Thanks to Jameson Legal for supporting individuals and businesses, and Al Aidarous for keeping us updated on dispute resolution cases.

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