Qatar: Terms for Power and Water Connection Approved

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Qatar: Terms for Power and Water Connection Approved

Gulf Times, 30 August 2023: Qatar’s Cabinet has approved a draft Ministerial Decision specifying the works to be implemented in line with Qatar Law No. 4/2018 on organising the electricity and water service connection and the required conditions and controls.

They also approved a draft Decision from the Chairman of the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation or Kahramaa specifying the conditions and procedures for connecting electricity and water to buildings and facilities whose maximum demand exceeds five megawatts of electricity and 600 cubic metres per day of water.

In addition, they approved a draft law amending Qatar Law No. 9/1987 on the control and regulation of narcotic drugs and dangerous psychotropic substances. They have referred it to the Shoura Council to consider.

Finally, they approved a draft Cabinet Decision amending Qatar Decision No. 36/2014 establishing the National Committee for the Customs Clearance System and Cross-Border Trade Facilitation.

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