Oman: Health Insurance Electronic Connectivity Regulations

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Oman: Health Insurance Electronic Connectivity Regulations

Alroya, 9 October 2023: The Omani Capital Market Authority has issued Oman Decision No. Kh/83/2023 issuing regulations for the electronic connectivity of the health insurance system.

The decision comes into force 30 days after the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

The first article of Chapter One states that the “Dhamani” platform is affiliated with the Authority and through it, services related to health insurance are to be provided electronically.

Article Four of Chapter Three states that the insured must be notified of the purpose of collecting personal data and their right to access it and request it to be updated through the platform. They should also be informed about adherence to the relevant medical code specified by the Authority to use in all transactions that take place through the platform.

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Tanya Jain