Kuwait: Guidelines for Vehicle Colour Changes Announced

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Kuwait: Guidelines for Vehicle Colour Changes Announced

Gulf News (United Arab Emirates), 20 October 2023: Kuwait’s Interior Ministry has announced new guidelines for changing the colours of vehicles in the country.

Under the changes, individuals wanting to change the colour of their vehicle must do three things. First of all, they have to visit the International Standards Division at the Technical Inspection Department. Doing this will enable them to obtain initial approval for the colour change. As part of this stage, they will have to sign a pledge, confirming their commitment to the chosen colour.

Vehicle owners will then be able to visit an authorised workshop which is proficient in the colour change process. This will mean the colour alteration is executed professionally, in line with the required standards.

Lastly, after the colour has been changed, a final inspection will have to be carried out at the International Standards Division of the Technical Inspection Department. The new vehicle colour will be verified and an updated car registration issued.

Workshops and garages have been warned not to alter vehicle colours without the approval of the Traffic Department. Offenders will be fined up to 500 Dinars by the Commerce and Industry Ministry.

The guidelines have been issued to help the country align with international standards and ensure documentation is done properly.

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Tanya Jain