Saudi Arabia: Major Visa Change Announced

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Saudi Arabia: Major Visa Change Announced

Saudi Gazette, 23 October 2023: Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Passports or Jawazat has announced a major visa change.

They have urged holders of all types of visit visas, who are staying in the Kingdom, to strictly comply with the visa rules and regulations and extend it seven days before it is due to expire.

They can do so electronically via the Absher Afrad or Absher Aamal portals and the Muqeem e-portal.

This means they do not need to visit the Jawazat offices in person.

When they are renewing their visa, they should also make the relevant payment and ensure they have valid medical insurance.

Any beneficiaries who face difficulties in utilising the e-service can submit a request to the Jawazat via its communication service on the Absher platform. A specialist team at the directorate will examine the case and notify the beneficiary of the status via text message.

However, the visit visa cannot be extended for more than 180 days.

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