Saudi Arabia: Passenger Rights Protection Regulations Come into Force

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Saudi Arabia: Passenger Rights Protection Regulations Come into Force

Gulf News (United Arab Emirates), 20 November 2023: New passenger rights protection regulations issued by Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation have come into force.

They cover ticketing, boarding, in-flight services, baggage handling and helping passengers with special needs, including those with reduced mobility.

Travellers could be compensated 6,568 Saudi Riyals for lost or damaged baggage.

Passengers whose baggage is delayed will receive 740 Riyals for the first day of delay and 300 Riyals for every subsequent day up to a maximum of five days.

Compensation provisions have also been strengthened and extended. Compensation of between 150 and 200% of the original ticket value could be awarded for flight delays, cancellations, overbooking and unexpected stopovers.

Passengers who are delayed for more than three hours can now disembark and receive compensation in line with the new regulations.

Passengers must also not be left stranded during unscheduled stops. Passengers will be compensated 500 Riyals each time they are.

Travellers who are on overbooked flights can expect refunds and compensations up to 200% of the original ticket value.

Those who are downgraded will be entitled to 200% compensation as well.

Airlines who deny a disabled passenger boarding or provide inadequate facilities will have to pay compensation of 500 Riyals or 200% of the original ticket price.

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