Lexis Middle East Law Alert: Saudi Civil Transactions Law Supplement

Lexis Middle East Law Alert: Saudi Civil Transactions Law Supplement News developments

Lexis Middle East Law Alert: Saudi Civil Transactions Law Supplement

Presenting the latest edition of our complimentary law magazine, the Lexis Middle East – Law Alert! The “Saudi Civil Transactions Law Supplement” is a comprehensive guide tailored for legal professionals, providing a deep dive into critical aspects of civil transactions in Saudi Arabia. This supplement encompasses various legal facets, offering insights and analysis crucial for understanding and navigating the intricacies of the Saudi legal landscape.

The supplement comprises diverse sections, each addressing significant components of civil transactions law:

RISKY BUSINESS: Risk Allocation in Contracts

Explores the strategies involved in managing risk within legal frameworks in contractual agreements. Jawahir Al-Subaie from Z&Co. examines pivotal provisions of the new Civil Transactions Law, including their impact on contract formation, termination, limitations of liability, and more.


Focuses on the legal aspects governing real estate transactions under the Civil Transactions Law. Sarah Gonem of Z&Co. provides insights into how this comprehensive legal framework will operate concerning property rights.


Discusses navigating debt-related transactions within legal parameters, particularly concerning guarantees and debt resale. Martin Creek of Z&Co. explains the anticipated changes in handling these aspects under the new Civil Transactions Law in Saudi Arabia.

IN HARM’S WAY: Tort Liability

Explores the principles and complexities surrounding tort liability, offering an understanding of civil wrongs and liabilities. Dr. Yazid Almasoud from Z&Co. explains the application of tort liability in Saudi Arabia under the new Civil Transactions Law.


Features Chief Legal Officer Ibrahim Bakhurji‘s insights into the National Infrastructure Fund’s role in developing infrastructure and financing solutions. This section provides valuable perspectives on legal strategies within this sector.


Analyses settlement agreements, providing legal professionals with a detailed understanding of dispute resolution through contractual arrangements. Contributor Muneerah Alwahbi, Partner at Z&Co., sheds light on the elements involved in these agreements.

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