Qatar: Deeds with New Identity Issued

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Qatar: Deeds with New Identity Issued

Al-Sharq, 19 December 2023: The Real Estate Registration Department at Qatar’s Justice Ministry has announced it has started issuing new deeds with specifications that match the national identity, in terms of the State’s official logo, colours, font types and icons used.

They are designed with new specifications and features in terms of form and content.

The Department explained that the new deeds are distinguished by the quality of the designs, their security fingerprint and the fact they are printed on non-forgivable security paper.

The new deeds have the capacity to accommodate a larger number of owners compared to previous deeds.

They are distinguished by the quality of paper that is resistant to scratches and damage, as they have been enhanced with comprehensive sustainability characteristics and considering take the requirements of environmentally friendly initiatives into account.

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Tanya Jain