Qatar: Voluntary Continuation of Pension Schemes Decision Issued

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Qatar: Voluntary Continuation of Pension Schemes Decision Issued

Alayam, 21 January 2024: Qatar’s Finance and National Economy Minister has issued a decision regarding the procedures and controls for voluntary continuation of the retirement system for employees.

These procedures and controls are contained in Qatar Law No. 13/1975 on the organisation of retirement pensions and benefits for government employees.

Article 1 of the Decision states that every employee whose service has ended for any reason and who is not entitled to a retirement pension in line with any of the laws or pension and insurance regulations has the right to continue voluntarily in the retirement system, provided they have an actual period of service of at least five years.

Article 2 of the Decision states that voluntary insurance participation is based on the last basic monthly salary for which the retirement contribution was paid before the end of the employee’s service, in addition to the social allowance, provided that the participant is committed to paying the contributions due in full to the Authority, equivalent to the sum of theirs and the government’s contributions.

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