Saudi Arabia: First Administrative Enforcement Court to be Established

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Saudi Arabia: First Administrative Enforcement Court to be Established

Saudi Gazette, 21 January 2024: The first administrative enforcement court is going to be established in Riyadh.

It will have jurisdiction to enforce court decisions issued.

This will apply even where the decision is issued against ministries and government agencies.

The enforcement of administrative rulings will be carried out by submitting a request for enforcement in a statement of claim deposited in the court.

This will be referred to the relevant department to execute.

The department will then notify the party against whom enforcement is requested with a period of five days for urgent judgments and 30 days for other judgments.

Under the Implementing Regulations to the Enforcement Law before the Courts under the Board of Grievances, convicted individuals, including state agencies and companies partially owned by the state should take the initiative to implement the final rulings subject to expedited enforcement.

In terms of enforcement against administrative agencies, such as ministries and government agencies, the Administrative Enforcement Courts will issue a warning to the administrative authority for enforcement within a specific period.

The department may inform the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority or Nazaha of details including in its disciplinary jurisdiction.

The Administrative Enforcement Court may order the imposition of a fine amounting to 10,000 Riyals on the individual against whom the enforcement rule is carried out.

An employee in the public sector will be jailed for up to seven years and fined up to 700,000 Riyals if they exploit their position to prevent enforcement of the ruling.

The employee will also be jailed for five years and fined up to 500,000 Riyals if they deliberately refrain from executing the required document, partially or completely, with the intention of obstruction, eight days after they were notified of the warning or the receipt of the enforcement procedures.

The implementation must be within their jurisdiction.

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