Lexis Middle East HR Alert – January 2024 Edition

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Lexis Middle East HR Alert – January 2024 Edition

Introducing the January 2024 edition of Lexis Middle East – HR Alert!

Delve into our complimentary publication, Lexis Middle East – HR Alert, designed to provide you with a comprehensive source of insights and updates to keep you well-informed about the latest developments in the Labour and Employment landscape of the MENA region. We have meticulously curated the most recent HR updates and developments to ensure you remain empowered. This publication highlights significant cases and offers valuable insights into HR policies and laws within the region.

This edition offers a comprehensive overview of recent employment law developments in the Gulf region, focusing on the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman. Featured topics include alternative approaches to end-of-service gratuity in the UAE, trends in remote work and immigration, updates on part-time employment in Kuwait, and key changes in the legal landscape, such as new UAE pensions laws. The publication also includes a case study on discrimination and victimisation, profiles a People Partner supporting career development, covers personnel movements, and examines the impact of Oman’s new Labour Law on parental leave rights. Overall, the magazine serves as a valuable resource for professionals staying abreast of the evolving employment law dynamics in the Gulf.

Stay up-to-date and enhance your HR knowledge with the latest release of Lexis Middle East – HR Alert.

This edition features a diverse range of content, including:

Feature: Rewarding Service

Authors; Shiraz Sethi and Ali Al Assaad of Dentons and, Chris Cain and Ben McLean of Equiom Group explore a voluntary alternative to the traditional end-of-service gratuity in the UAE, aiming to provide employers and employees with higher returns and increased flexibility.

Trend Setter – Remote Working

Vialto Partners‘ survey findings reveal a growing consideration for remote work and virtual assignments among employers in the Gulf, with insights provided by experts on the practical implications.

News Round-up: Covering Recent Key Developments – Region-Wide

Stay abreast of recent developments, including employment-related matters, highlighting notable changes in Kuwait’s approach to part-time working.

Immigration Focus: Recent GCC Immigration and Visa Changes

Stay updated! Examining key immigration developments, this segment focuses on dependant residency visas in Qatar, shedding light on the latest changes in the region.

What’s Changed? – UAE Freezones

Anir Chatterji of Vialto Partners discusses the consequences of suspending visa and residence permit transfer services within UAE freezones, particularly affecting employees seeking to change employers.

Law Changes: New and Proposed MENA Laws

Highlighting significant legal modifications across the MENA region, this section zooms in on a new UAE Pensions Law. Sabrina Saxena and Noor Jamaluddin of Al Tamimi & Co. provide insights into the radical changes it introduces.

Case Focus

A specific case, Miskofi v Milbart, in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Small Claims Tribunal is examined, showcasing how discrimination and victimisation cases are handled, recommended by Ayesha Karim.

Enrich your understanding of the HR landscape and stay up-to-date with the latest trends, cases, and policies through the newest issue of Lexis Middle East – HR Alert.

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Policy Pointers: Parental Leave

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HR Profile: Supporting Development

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