Kuwait: Radiation Protection Decisions Approved

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Kuwait: Radiation Protection Decisions Approved

Kuwait Times, 23 January 2024: Kuwait’s Health Minister has approved three Ministerial Decisions on the use of ionising radiation and preventing associated risks.

The first Decision includes the adoption of the regulation on the security of radioactive and nuclear sources. It clarifies the basic parameters for maintaining the safe and peaceful use of all radiation sources in the country and how to preserve them.

For the first time it includes new regulatory issues, by ensuring the security of nuclear materials through the detection-delay mechanism. This addresses and manages security to prevent the possibility of unauthorised withdrawal of nuclear and radioactive materials.

The second Decision specifies the procedures and documents required to apply for a licence for entities dealing with ionising or non-ionising radiation sources.

It is aimed at simplifying the procedures and reducing the process of obtaining the licence for the location and use of ionising or non-ionising radiation.

The third Decision includes exposure limits and radiation safety standards to deal with non-ionising radiation sources.

It will enable Kuwait to enter the field of communication networks to ensure the safety of workers, the general public and the environment from the risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields arising from non-ionising rays of various spectra.

They were approved following recommendations from the radiation prevention committee and proposals from the radiation prevention department of the public health sector.

They have been approved to update the legislative framework for radiation protection and maintain the safe and peaceful use of all radiation sources in the country.

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