Kuwait: Government Submits Action Programme

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Kuwait: Government Submits Action Programme

Kuwait Times, 6 February 2024: The Speaker of Kuwait’s National Assembly has announced the government has submitted its action programme.

The government have warned that economic and financial reforms must not be delayed any longer. If they are the cost of the reforms will be too expensive and relevant procedures will be extremely difficult to complete.

The government has expressed its intention to review charges for various public services that are not controlled by a 30-year-old law banning the government from raising charges on some public services without the prior approval of the Assembly.

In addition, the government has expressed its ambition to enable the private sector to play a bigger economic role. It will do this by offering more investment opportunities to the sector to help it create job opportunities for citizens.

Under the programme, the government has a 100-day action plan.

This plan includes measures being taken to control price rises, reprice various government services that have a limited impact on citizens, prepare a draft corporate income tax law and study the disbursement of public subsidies.

It proposes 22 different pieces of legislation as well that should be approved by the Assembly during the current term that ends in July.

These include a law establishing the northern economic zone and a law amending the wage scheme in the public sector. It also includes a selective tax law, a law amending the Residency Law for expatriates and a law establishing an independent electricity and water authority.

In addition, it includes a law regulating the information sector.

Elsewhere, the National Assembly has voted to approve a government request to delay the debating of two draft laws calling for the citizens’ cost of living allowance to be increased and interest-free loans to be provided to retired Kuwaitis.

The government said it had requested the delay to ensure they could be reviewed more carefully.

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