Oman: Independent Quality Checks Should be Carried Out on Fuel

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Oman: Independent Quality Checks Should be Carried Out on Fuel

Oman Daily Observer, 20 February 2024: A growing number of people in Oman are calling for independent quality checks to be carried out on fuel to ensure it is not contaminated.

The calls have grown following concerns over the quality of M91 fuel dispensed by some fuel stations in the Sultanate.

Drivers can lodge contamination concerns at their local fuel station.

In response to the calls, the Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion Ministry held a joint meeting with stakeholders to discuss consumer concerns and the calls for independent quality checks.

OQ has acknowledged responsibility for fuel quality and distribution. It has undertaken to investigate complaints, update consumers on fuel quality and damage causes and share laboratory test results.

However, that has not placated some of those who have expressed concerns.

Some have questioned OQ’s dual role as supplier and quality arbiter. They have called for an independent body to ensure objectivity.

Others have called for specific reasons for fuel quality issues to be publicly disclosed.

They have also called for complete transparency in communication with recipients and complainants.

The Ministry has authorised OQ to submit quality certificates for each product.

A joint complaint resolution mechanism has also been established and fuel companies have to receive complaints via designated channels.

These complaints must include relevant details like the fuel station’s name and location and batch number.

OQ has to track product quality, review certificates and re-examine samples together with the Ministry and Consumer Protection Authority.

Technical teams will launch investigations where there are compliance failures.

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