Saudi Arabia: Customs Duty Exemptions Expanded

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Saudi Arabia: Customs Duty Exemptions Expanded

Saudi Gazette, 1 April 2024: An expansion of customs duty exemptions for various industrial products and materials has come into force.

The exemptions came into force on 1 April 2024 following the issuing of a Decision by the Industry and Mineral Resources Ministry last month.

These industrial products and materials include raw materials, semi-finished materials, finished materials, packaging materials, machinery, equipment and spare parts, which are directly required for industrial production operations without any restriction.

The Ministry also clarified that the customs duty exemptions also apply to fully manufactured products as well as materials and items essential for production processes.

The Ministry added that certain items manufactured domestically, either as final products or imported as necessary materials, supported by valid justifications for customs duty exemptions, could be considered for inclusion on the list of domestic industrial capacities.

These exemptions will benefit all industrial entities that have a valid industrial licence from the Ministry.

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Tanya Jain